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Quality Improvement for Excellent Care

Read about our Excellent Care as found in nationally published articles:

Mercy Clinics Diabetes & Hypertension Performance Report

Mercy Clinics shows commitment to quality by tracking and publicly reporting our diabetes
and hypertension care performance.  We are committed to improvement using innovative
programs like our disease registry and our Physician Office Based Health Coaches.




Mercy Clinics' Expert Care for Diabetes Receives National Recognition

Mercy Clinics’ work to improve diabetes care has gained us several awards,
one of which is from the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program. The Diabetes
Physician Recognition Program is awarded by the National Committee for Quality
Assurance (NCQA) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to physicians for
providing quality care to patients with diabetes.

Mercy Clinics are making changes in the way we give care to our patients with chronic
diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma. We are
using a computer in our secure site to keep track of when patients are due for visits
and if they are meeting their goals, such as keeping their blood pressure controlled. Many of our clinics have hired Health Coaches to contact you when you are overdue for a visit or to help you make a plan to meet your goals. Health Coaches are a way for our clinics to keep in touch with you between visits.

Mercy Expert Care’s private computer system not only tracks how patients are doing but also tracks how well Mercy Clinic Physicians perform compared to other physicians. Doctors who measure their outcomes and work to improve them do get better results for their patients. Mercy Clinics has shown that the blood sugar control of our patients is much better (above the 90th percentile) than national averages.

Patients with diabetes should be seen by their physician every 3-4 months. By getting regular check-ups you are more likely to avoid many health problems related to diabetes, such as heart attacks, strokes, and loss of sight.